Cruising Mix with Dart DJ

I recently had the pleasure of meeting the great team behind Dart DJ. This super hip DJ company hails from LA, but they are opening up a branch in the San Francisco Bay Area! I always love meeting and working with creative companies that do things a little different in the name of creating the best experience for clients. 

Today we are sharing a Drive to Monterey Mix created by the team at Dart DJ. The songs on this mix are inspired by an imagined drive along the beautiful 1 freeway that ends on the sandy shores of Carmel By The Sea. We recommend playing it while driving 40-60 miles an hour, it's definitely a cruising mix so be safe out there people!


The Mamas & the Papas - Do You Wanna Dance
Erlend Øye - La Prima Estate
White Denim - A Place To Start
Poolside - Next To You
Harry Nilsson - Me and My Arrow
Korallreven - As Young As Yesterday
Air France - Beach Party
Real Estate - Talking Backwards
Kurt Vile - Wakin on a Pretty Day

3 Years

3 years ago today 100 of our favorite people gathered together on a rainy day as we said our wedding vows. Though there were plenty of things that went wrong, it was still one of the best days of my life. 

I can not wait to see what the next 3 and the next 30 years brings us and this past 3 years has been nothing short of an adventure. Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband! 

All Wrapped Up - Foodie Edition

I'm kind of obsessed with wrapping up foods these days. I pretty much want to have all mini foods and wrap them all. I mean, aren't these wrapped foods just brilliant? This really is the extra mile when it comes to wedding details.

The Well-Dressed Man

A wedding is the perfect excuse for your man to find the perfect suit, that he can hopefully wear over and over again. Bonobos is a great brand of men's clothing, and they happen to have a pretty awesome collection of suits as well. 


Here are some tips on finding the perfect fit from the team at Bonobos:

• Fit starts with the shoulders: The jacket should grab your shoulders snuggly but not be overly tight. If the shoulders fit, pretty much anything else can be adjusted.
• Length matters: To determine the appropriate length, you should be able to cup the bottom of the suit with your arms by your side.
• Show some shirt: A flexible but general rule of thumb is to have a quarter-inch of your shirt cuff showing. If you’re wearing a heavier cuff, like a French cuff, you may want to show a little more.